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Tap Into Flow State & Awaken The Warrior Within To Unlock Peak Performance & Productivity, Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals, And Live a Fulfilling Life Of Inspiration & Purpose

Tap Into Flow State & Awaken The Warrior Within To Unlock Peak Performance & Productivity, Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals, And Live a Fulfilling Life Of Inspiration & Purpose


6 Month Online Coaching Program & Retreat For Men

What Results Will I Get

Learn how to embody power, presence, mastery, and leadership in your career, relationships, and personal life with a group of other conscious men who support your values and your mission.
Receive the knowledge, skills, tools, and support you need to achieve peak health and performance, design and align with your Magnum Opus, and become a Leader of One who is fit to serve his family and community.

Put modern science and ancient wisdom into practice to build a strong and balanced foundation based on the 4 pillars that will allow you to overcome any obstacle in work or life with confidence and composure.
Discover meditation techniques that will help you tap into flow states which have been proven to increase critical thinking and creative problem solving, enhance your ability to learn new skills, improve your mood and motivation, and elevate your focus and productivity by up to 500% (according to McKinsey & Company) so you can reclaim your time and your freedom to do more of the things you love.

What Is Included

Bloodwork, Labs, & DNA Testing

You will receive at-home blood lab test kits in the beginning of the program that we will use to assess your health and recommend specific protocols based on the data.

Educational Lessons 
& Writing Activities

Each week, you will be learning about the scientific research on the 3 main modules of movement, nutrition, and lifestyle design as well as providing you with writing activities to reinforce the information.

Guided Classes & Training Sessions

There will be additional courses on subjects like qi gong, yoga, meditation, and breathwork which include guided sessions that walk you through step by step exactly how to apply these concepts and techniques into a daily practice.

Live Coaching Calls & Continuous Support

We will be hosting live group coaching calls, 1 on 1 coaching calls, and team office hours to provide you with all the strategy and ongoing support you need to succeed during the entirety of the program.

In Person Initiation Retreat in Maui, Hawaii

The program culminates with a twice yearly all-inclusive retreat in Maui, Hawaii, where we will come together in person as a group to connect, heal, grow, and practice everything you learned during the online program.

Who Is It For

Awakened men looking to expand their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual understanding so they can make better choices and more informed decisions that are in support of their health, performance, and inspired desires.
Busy executives who want to recharge their energy, connect with a supportive community of men, and find a sense of structure and clarity that makes them feel inspired to take focused action on their professional goals and be more present in their personal lives.

High performing leaders who want to achieve peak levels of health and success and build a sustainable, resilient level of fitness so they can serve themselves, their families, and their communities for years to come.
Men of faith who are ripe and ready to be ignited with the fire of transformation, eager to commit to doing the inner work and stepping into their soul’s true calling.

Men of integrity who want to fulfill their Magnum Opus and create a new system of harmonious living that improves the life quality of humanity, the planet, and the Universe for generations to come.
This is less for entry level men who want to lose some belly fat or build some muscle and more for those who have already been walking their path of inner awakening.
They have some understanding of meditation or spirituality, and they want to deepen their awareness of and connect to the source of oneness within the self and all life - Henosis.

How Is It Delivered

Private Membership to Henosis Circle Group

All of the weekly lessons, live classes, and coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to the private members platform for you to view at any time as well as bonus educational and inspirational content. You will also be able to engage with all of the other men in the program via group threads and direct messages. You will receive a link to create your account after signing up.

Access to the Kfitnesspro Mobile Training App

You will receive your own account in the Kfitnesspro training app where you will be able to view your training programs, record your nutritional intake, and upload your measurements to accurately track your progress during the program.

Account Management

Your Kfitnesspro online training membership also includes weekly account management and an in-app instant messenger where you can contact your coach privately daily at any time with a 24 hour response rate.

Course Curriculum

Months 1 + 2: Movement & Training
Week 0: Onboarding, Navigation, Course Overview, Expectations, and Introductions
Week 1: The 4 Phase Model of Movement and Implementing a Movement Practice
Week 2: Assess and Correct
Week 3: Planes, Posture, Positions, & Patterns
Week 4: The 3 Components of Mobility
Week 5: Flexibility and Mobility Training
Week 6: Strength Training
Week 7: Cardiovascular Training
Week 8: Program Design: FITT

Months 3 + 4: Nutrition & Supplements
Week 9: Nutrition Science: Epigenetics, Inflammation, & The Microbiome
Week 10: Calories: Thermodynamics, Energy Balance, and Body Composition
Week 11: Nutrients: The Essential Building Blocks for Optimal Health and Performance
Week 12: Water: Hydration, Filtration, Mineralization, and Coherence
Week 13: Ayurveda: Yoga’s Study of Bodily Health and Food as Medicine
Week 14: JERF Shopping: Save your time, your money, and the planet
Week 15: JERF Cooking: The tools and methods to become a FEAND
Week 16: Supplements: Support Your Holistic Health & Performance

Month 5 + 6: Lifestyle Design
Week 17: Henosis Blueprint: Design Your Destiny and Journal The Journey
Week 18: Henosis Rituals: Developing Intentional Habits and a Meditation Practice
Week 19: AM Rituals and AM Journal
Week 20: PM Rituals and PM Journal
Week 21: Sleep Science, Light, and Circadian Rhythm
Week 22: Stress Management: Eustress, Distress, and De-stress
Week 23: Design Your Environment and Your Day To Support Your Success
Week 24: Henosis Blueprint Reflection and Reassessment

In-Person Retreats in Maui, Hawaii
Graduation & Initiation Ceremony at Hale Akua Garden Farm and Eco Retreat Center
2023 Winter Retreat: October 1 - October 6
2023 Summer Retreat: June 4 - June 9

Course Expectations

You will need to invest a minimum of 2 hours per day into training, tracking, and meditation to achieve optimal results as well as additional time to complete the course content and attend the live meetings. The following list includes all of the requirements you must agree to in order to join the program.

  • Follow a healthy, whole food, 100% JERF diet of your choosing - NO FAKE FOOD
  • ​Perform an intentional movement practice for at least 30 minutes every day
  • ​Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day
  • ​Meditate and breathe for at least 15 minutes every morning
  • ​Meditate and breathe for at least 15 minutes every evening
  • ​Complete the AM tracking and journal entry every day
  • ​Complete the PM tracking and journal entry every day
  • ​Complete your check in form every week, notify your coach, and post in the members area on Circle
  • ​Complete all action items each week that show up in your training schedule and watch all course lessons / tutorials
  • ​Upload progress pictures, bodyweight, & circumference measurements every month
  • ​Attend the monthly circle calls with the brotherhood and your 1 on 1 calls with your coach

What Others Have To Say

Ramon S. CSCS

"As a strength coach and personal trainer for the past ten years, and now as the Coordinator of Fitness and Education and University Adjunct Professor in Kinesiology at a Division One University, I am pleased to write in support of Mr. John Kempf. 

His thirst for knowledge and dedication to his clients is insurmountable. It has truly been a pleasure working along side him, and I am excited to see how he will continue to benefit this world."

Jake B.

"John's passion for fitness and maximizing your potential is contagious and makes it easy to get motivated and make a dramatic lifestyle change. 

His approach extends beyond looking your best but also feeling your best by equipping you with a mental approach to wellness that ensures your results will last long after you complete his programs. He has always been my go-to resource and I highly recommend his services to everyone."

Drew T.

"John is an exceptional personal trainer and yoga instructor who thinks about the big picture. He will show you how to eat, how to sleep, how to think regarding your own situation, and when you slack he holds you accountable with honesty. 

He is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, body chemistry and he brings in good brain science to further detail and explain things that might be giving you a difficult time. He trains you to live a strong and healthy life with no excuses to hold you back. Worth every penny and more."

Nathan R.

"My time spent with John and the knowledge that he provided is something that I will cherish through time. Through John's training and programs you not only learn a vast understanding of exercise science, correct training procedures and eating to better fuel your mind and body but also simplistic life variations that are easily implementable and effortlessly sustainable.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have John be a part of my journey in life. If you are looking for someone to guide you on a path to better health physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, then look no further, because you are in the best of hands with John Kempf.”

Devin S.

“By far the best trainer experience I have ever had! John has an incredible amount of knowledge in both functional training and nutrition. His understanding of these areas and his ability to simply explain them makes it easy to understand what’s required for me to hit my goals.

Outside of the nutritional basics and workout ethics, there is also a portion of his training that focuses on self awareness and general thoughtfulness that really helps to round out my workouts...and ultimately my approach to life both inside and outside of the gym. Working with John is so inspirational. He's helped me to craft a new approach to everything I do. I sometimes like to joke with him and call him my life guru lol.”

Bo B.

“John gave me the outline for an entire life makeover. I'm leaner and healthier than ever before and my workouts have never been better. Would highly recommend him to anyone.  

John knows his stuff better than most and having everything available online makes working out on your schedule that much more convenient.”

Spencer S.

“John is an exquisite trainer. His knowledge on the human body and how to make it function properly is vast and ever-growing. Not only is he knowledgeable on exercise, nutrition, and healthy living in general, but he is also great at communicating these concepts in simple terms for the average Joe to understand. 

This man is also extremely motivating. His energy and passion for what he does is contagious and will ignite that fire in your belly. Whether you're trying to lose weight, train for a body building competition, or just trying to make a couple positive changes in your lifestyle, John will get you there.”
About the Creator
John Kempf, founder and head coach of Kempf Fitness Professional and Henosis Academy, has been training clients and athletes since 2010 and is backed by over 130 5-star reviews from former clients on Google and Facebook.

John has a Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree along with six additional certifications as an ACE personal trainer, a USAW sport performance and Olympic weightlifting coach, an FRC mobility specialist, a KINSTRETCH group mobility instructor, an MBSC functional strength coach, and an MPI mindset behavior specialist.

He integrates a holistic and scientific approach to human development that focuses on the 3 pillars of functional movement, holistic nutrition, and lifestyle design to help his clients look, feel, and perform at their best.
John has been passionately practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since 2013. He blends a variety of esoteric philosophy and Eastern practice with his functional strength coaching and athletic performance background to teach clients how to breathe, move, and flow more efficiently while connecting their mind and body to the present moment.
Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, breath work, strength training, functional movement, journaling, fasting, cooking, and nature exposure have all become essential tools in John's daily life, and he has made it part of his mission to share these powerful practices with others to bring more inner strength, awareness, and harmony into the world.

More Testimonials

A Message From John
My name is John Kempf and I'm the founder of Henosis Academy. Henosis is the ancient Greek word for unity, interconnectedness, or universal oneness. It is achieved by living a virtuous and exciting life which is done by pursuing your Magnum Opus.

The Magnum Opus, or the Divine Work (known as one’s Dharma in yoga), is the lifetime dedication to making the created world and mankind's relationship to it, and to one another, better through the pursuit of goodness, beauty, and truth.

The Henosis Academy was created in 2020 and is dedicated to the science, study, and practice of human optimization, yoga meditation, and flow state for optimal health, peak performance, and self realization. 

It is my attempt to synthesize the most important information and practices I have found over the past 10 years that have helped me navigate my reality with more ease and clarity so I can live a more meaningful and enjoyable life in pursuit of my Magnum Opus.
The Henosis Foundations Program is the map I traced of my own personal journey up the mountain with the intention of saving you time and effort along the way by giving you a sure-footed path to follow that has been tread by myself and many others.

It is only one of many paths you can take, and it truly may not be your path. The community, the message, and the teachings we practice may not resonate with you and that is perfectly fine. The only real map you need is your mind, and the only compass you need is your heart. Find another tribe, use a different map, or blaze your own trail.

But, no matter what you do, in the name of all beings who desire betterment in the universe, you must embark on your journey up the mountain and nobody can do it for you. You will never taste the fruits of your labor and experience the treasures life has in store for you if you do not commit to and fully pursue your dreams.
Together, as we each elevate our own vibrational frequency and collectively rise in consciousness, we can and will surpass all limitations of the mind and create a new system of living for humanity and the Earth as each individual raises their awareness, directly experiences and realizes oneness, pursues their chosen destiny, fulfills their Magnum Opus, and expresses the divine essence of God’s love in their own creative and unique way.

This is the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, and I believe with full conviction that we are already on that path to experiencing this truth, individually and collectively. I am honored and grateful to be a witness to this unfolding, and I pray that my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to this divinely orchestrated plan in some small way. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

And so it is.

-John P. Kempf

A true leader is a leader of one.
A leader of one is a leader of many.
If you cannot lead one, you cannot lead any.

Become a True Leader of One. 
Accept the Call. Join the Tribe.
United We Stand. Together We Rise.

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